Are you in a crisis in the morning because of the crisis situation?

Due to the current crisis situation in Sri Lanka, we see that many people are going beyond their comfort zone to carry forward their lives and those of their loved ones. They spend days in oil queues and gas queues, and because of this they avoid doing some of the work they did before.

Especially due to the change in the prices of food and drinks, some people are used to skipping meals, while others miss meals naturally due to spending time in these queues. When these things happen like this, it has been found that many people in the Lankan community skip breakfast.

Experts believe that this can lead to serious health problems in the long run. What are the benefits of eating breakfast properly? What happens if you keep skipping breakfast? Let's discuss these points in this article.

To burn more calories.

Having a proper breakfast will help you burn more calories throughout the day. This is because eating a proper breakfast in the morning provides the necessary nutrition for the proper functioning of one's body's metabolism, and the metabolic rate also increases. Due to this, body strength increases and a refreshing feeling is created. This results in increased activity and more calories are burned. Eating a fairly heavy morning meal will reduce hunger again for most of the day, and will also reduce unnecessary snacking between main meals.

To improve memory.

A person's memory improves by eating a proper breakfast. Especially some people who go to work in the morning have become accustomed to skipping breakfast without eating properly for a long time. By doing this, when the brain is tired after going to work, things like memory may decrease and difficulties may arise due to it not functioning properly. In the long term, this can even damage the brain tissue.

When the brain is fed regularly with a nutritious, balanced breakfast, the brain gets the nutrients it needs, and the ability to pay attention to something develops as well as memory. The result is improvement in daily activities. Eating a good breakfast regularly is a very important factor, especially for school-age children, which improves their physical as well as mental health and helps them to do their school work well.

To maintain good feelings.

When the food he likes is received at an optimal level, happiness arises in the heart of any animal. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast regularly are happier than those who don't. The feeling of happiness that a person who fulfills his nutritional needs in the morning helps to keep him or her refreshed throughout the day. Due to the calmness of the mind, the capacity to do something and health is created. Skipping breakfast often increases feelings of anger, and in the long run it also leads to various diseases.

To absorb more nutrients.

In the morning, by having a good breakfast at the right time, many essential nutrients for the functioning of the body are ingested in proper amounts. Especially if calcium, fiber and proteins are ingested with proper breakfast, the health problems that may occur in the long term will be reduced. If the breakfast is not taken properly and evenly, the body will collapse, and the emergence of chronic diseases can easily happen. Especially treat diseases like osteoporosis caused by not getting enough calcium. Ingestion of low amount of protein can also cause muscle weakness, and lack of vitamin intake can cause many diseases.

To reduce inflammation in the body.

When someone wakes up in the morning, he has been fasting for many hours, and because nutrients and energy have been used for some metabolic processes in the body during sleep, the body is under some stress. Because of this, when you wake up in the morning and go to do heavy work without having a proper breakfast, the body burns easily. Heartburn is normal when someone is dealing with an injury or other illness, but long-term, regular heartburn can lead to ailments such as arthritis and loss of energy.Eating foods such as eggs, fruits, tomatoes, and yogurt in the morning can prevent heartburn.

To reduce heart disease.

Having proper breakfast reduces the risk of heart disease. It has been scientifically proven that not eating breakfast continuously increases the risk of obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. As mentioned earlier in the article, eating a balanced breakfast will provide the body with proper nutrition and will help you live longer and get rid of these diseases.

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