Be the owner of healthy beautiful hands and nails.

In our country, there are very few women who lead very beautiful lives. Most of the women including us do very little housework. Most of the women including us carry on with a lot of housework. But we are not ugly, right? Getting lost. Due to time and money, many women care about their image. I am going to say today that you can get it at a low cost, which is one of the most valuable factors that will improve your appearance.

Your hands and nails are destroyed because of the vegetables infused with 3 or 5 chilies in the kitchen, the harsh soap while washing clothes, and the burning of the rice. In Sri Lanka, we don't even use gloves. So our hands get ugly quickly, and they become dry and wrinkled. Our women grow nails. Dirt accumulates inside the nail. If you do the bad habit, get rid of it immediately. You can use a nail polish remover.

When cutting the nails, it is not appropriate to cut close to the skin. Also, it is not appropriate to cut the nails. This is also a reason for the nail skin to get infected and your nails will deteriorate. Keep an old brush or use an old brush to rub the nail well and wash it. Scrub until the oiliness is gone and apply a moisturizing cream.

Let's see how to clean the nails. First, take a nail brush and shape the nails. Put some shampoo in lukewarm water and clean the nails and fingers with a small brush with fine bristles. Then wash with clean water. Dip it. Apply a type of moisturizing cream and hold the fingernail of one hand and rotate that finger ten times. Do this for all the ten fingers.

You can clean your hands with lime peels when you are done in the kitchen. Also, if the inside of your nails are black, soak your hands in Dettol mixed water.. Anyway, you are busy and get used to thinking about your body.

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