Beautifying foods and drinks that protect the face.

01.Beautifying foods and drinks that protect the face.

The problem with fat girls is that they get bigger and get belly. Girls who eat a lot like to get fit, but the laziness is greater than that. Similarly, some people eat less food because they are getting bigger.

It is very important to eat food with protein. Due to the increase in protein, there will be no big change in the shape of the body.

You also know that carbohydrates make energy from food. So we need to spend that energy. We cannot spend our energy just sitting around. We need to work. When our body is not tired and we do not exercise, energy is not spent. Then this energy is stored in our body. It happens. It is the stored carbohydrates that damage our body shape. Not only carbohydrates, but also protein, when we eat too much, our body shape changes. Even a small amount gets deposited in our body.

Do not take sweet drinks or fast food and drink warm water every morning with a few drops of lime or honey. You will understand the difference. Practice drinking water whenever you can. You will inherit fair skin. Water cleans our blood. .Honey and glucose give us instant energy.Lime increases the acid nature of the body.So, when we get natural food instead of artificial things, our body is in shape.Also, the blood is purified and makes us healthy.

Coconut oil is also a medicine. But we need to get our body in small amounts. Oily foods can also cause acne on your face. So don't stop eating oily foods completely. But control oily foods. Take care to get enough nutrition for your body.

You know about olive oil which has many medicinal properties in other countries, don't you. Olive oil is very good for hair and skin. If you can afford it, add olive oil to your food.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Get used to growing them in your own garden. It is good for your body and mental health. Get used to eating sesame oil, olive oil, safflower oil instead of coconut oil. Also get used to exercise. Get a healthy and stylish body. It will not be a dream for you either.

02. Let's be beautiful free from scabies, eczema, rashes, acne and warts.

You may know that hypnosis is a medical science. It is possible to cure diseases through scientific hypnosis. Due to the mental discomfort that occurs when someone has a skin disease, these diseases continue to spread. This hypnotherapy method is a direct treatment method for skin diseases. As well as, while providing drug treatment according to the western medical system, this treatment method has the ability to help in quick and permanent recovery.

Here, this treatment method focuses on three diseases that can be cured. Eczema, scabies and skin warts are also treated. Although a direct hypnotic treatment method for facial acne is not currently used, hypnosis improves the skin's immunity and blood circulation. By helping to control the mental problems caused by acne by improving it, it is possible to get a great help in controlling acne.

Eczema and Serincin disease is an illness related to mental stress. This hypnotherapy method is successful in having a direct effect on curing these diseases through the control of stress and anxiety symptoms. In the case of bark beetles, the skin is swollen, red and scaly. This is due to Due to this condition, the cells under the skin are suppressed and there is a change in the behavior of the cells. By influencing the subconscious mind, the negative actions of these cells are controlled by hypnotherapy.

This method also has successful treatment for warts. Warts are caused by human bacilloma virus infection. Scratching and scratching spreads infected blood all over the body and can spread it to others. Clinical hypnosis is a treatment for warts caused by viruses. To Warts By changing the blood supply, strengthening the immune system and inserting special mental images into the subconscious mind, these warts can be successfully cured within a few weeks.

In addition to this, various mental imbalances affect some patients to develop skin diseases. Anxiety, depression and overall loss of personality take the main place. For that, get treatment from a qualified doctor. It does not cause side effects. While treating skin diseases by specialist doctors, these treatments Using the method does not have any adverse effects. Similarly, it has a great contribution to cure the disease soon.

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