Do you care about your feet if you want to look beautiful.?.

Did you know that keeping your feet healthy affects your health? Cracked soles are a common condition that both men and women should pay attention to.

So today we thought we would talk about Viluo or the physical discomfort you are experiencing due to cracked soles. This is going to tell you the reason why the soles crack as well as what are the easy treatment methods you can do at home if you are suffering from cracked soles. .

Paying special attention to your feet is something that must be done. Keeping your feet beautiful and clean can save you from discomfort as well as your health.

Why do soles crack?

1. If you are a person with dry skin, when your skin moisture is low

2. Due to lack of vitamins, minerals and zinc

3. Overweight and obesity cause pressure on the oil glands on the legs.

4.Diabetes due to thyroid related diseases

5. Because of taking hot food unnecessarily

6.Standing and working in the same position for a long time

There are many reasons for cracked soles. These reasons can affect you in different conditions. Maybe it can be different in dry climates. One of these reasons must have affected you. If you want to get rid of this painful experience...

Always think about the cleanliness of the feet.

What are the natural remedies for cracked soles?

01. Lemon peel treatment

• Squeeze the juice of a medium sized lemon and remove the peel.

• Keep the peel covered with a sock for about an hour.

• The ingredients in lemon remove dry and cracked skin.

02. Lemon juice treatment

• Add lemon juice to a bowl of water and keep your feet for about 20 minutes.

• Then scrub the soles well with the help of a stone.

• Wash the soles thoroughly and dry them with a clean towel.

03.Rose water and glycerin care

• Rose water and glycerin is a good treatment for the soles. Glycerin softens the skin and the ingredients in rose water heal the skin.

• Mix an equal amount of rose water with glycerin and apply it on the soles of the feet every night before going to sleep and massage well.

 04. Turmeric and honey care

• Mix 01 table spoon of honey, 02 table spoon of turmeric, 01 table spoon of mustard oil and apply it on the soles and wash it after half an hour.

05. Banana and coconut oil treatment

• Add 02 well mashed bananas to 03 tablespoons of coconut oil and mix.

• Apply on feet and wash off for 20 minutes.

06. Cow milk care

• A very easy way is to take some cow's milk and apply it on your cracked soles and wash it off after 30 minutes.

Various infections can occur due to the cracks that occur during daily activities. If these are not taken care of, various infections can occur due to the entry of pus and dust. In addition to this, drinking water well, using foods that cool the body, bathing daily, and cleaning the soles. If you pay more attention to the maintenance, it is not that difficult to heal your cracked feet.

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