Simple makeup for work.

You have seen the make-up put on by the girls who go to work in the offices and the girls in the clothing stores. Some people look like they are wearing a mask. It is scary to look at. It is ugly. Even the acne and blisters on the face look better than before. Similarly, the make-up is beautiful in the morning but in the evening By then, the heavy make-up starts to melt and flow. The make-up becomes oily.

We put on make-up to be beautiful, not to be ugly, so the make-up we put on should be simple. With the right make-up, acne, freckles and pigmentation on the face can be reduced and covered. Know how to make up according to your skin type. Going to the office is not like going to a party or wedding. Also, you need to be very careful about your skin type. Make up varies according to your skin type.

• Oily skin

• Dry skin

• Acne prone skin

• Normal skin

• Smooth skin

• Allergic skin

In this way, you need to find out what your skin type is. Make-up varies according to your skin type. When you go to the office, choose a quality liquid foundation. Usually, we do not use stick foundations for the office. Also, our liquid foundation. Choose golden or yellow color and choose compact or translusion powder that matches your skin tone.

Don't wear too much eye liner. It's okay without eye liner. Don't apply eye lashes. Apply mascara instead. Natural beauty will be enhanced. Also, while applying mascara, check carefully whether it is applied around the eye. You can use a cotton bud around the eye. It can be washed off. Another thing is that if you don't have vitamins or olive oil to make your eyelashes grow longer, you can apply thick oil.

Use a mascara brush to apply these to the eye lashes. Use a lip liner to correct lip imperfections. Use a lip liner that matches the color of the lipstick. Do not choose too dark colors. Blush the cheeks with color.

That's how you put on a simple make-up for the office. If you don't want to do that, you can apply mascara on your eyelashes and make your eyebrows look beautiful. If you want, you can wear light brown eye shadow and lipstick.

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