The way out of depression in times of crisis

Many people are not happy because of the problematic situation the country is facing these days. The number of Sri Lankans suffering from depression and anxiety is increasing due to the constant bad news and the worsening economic problems. You are like us and everyone else admits to getting into this situation at some point in their life due to various reasons.

Due to what is happening in the country at present, it is common for all of us to suffer more mental breakdowns and worries than before. Being physically and mentally prepared to face such situations can reduce depression and anxiety. That is because prevention of diseases is always more valuable than treatment of diseases.

I want a healthy life.

Everyone should act to stop life from going to this unfortunate state, because there is a possibility that some of the consequences will be irreversible. That's why we intend to discuss with you in this article how to clear the way for a healthy life away from mental pressure and anxiety.

How to detect depression and anxiety?

If someone constantly feels sad for no reason, feels worthless, finds no joy in activities that used to bring them inspiration and pleasure, or fears about their future, it may be a symptom of anxiety or depression. may. However, it may not be, and only your doctor can determine for sure whether or not it is.

However, due to reasons such as being mentally disturbed due to something, living in an environment where one cannot be mentally happy, having to live in conflict with things that continuously bring mental problems, there is a greater possibility of depression or anxiety. has. Depression and anxiety are two sides of the same coin, if you have depression you can easily get anxiety and if you have anxiety you can easily get depression.

If the doctor confirms that you have the above diseases, you should immediately go to prevent it. The treatments for that are as follows. If someone feels that he has these conditions, he should not get confused and seek treatment.

Speech therapy (Counseling).

If doctors determine that someone is suffering from depression or anxiety, he or she may be referred to speech therapy. There are well-trained professionals for these who conduct these speech therapy sessions in various forms. The nature of these treatments will vary from person to person as well as the type of depression or anxiety they are suffering from. However, these therapies can be distinguished into several main categories such as thought and behavior therapy, interpersonal communication and response therapy, and problem solving therapy.

In cognitive and behavioral therapy, the patient is given guidance on how to look at things in a positive way, and helps to forget negative thoughts and cultivate positive thinking. How to face an event, how to react, and how to make up your mind after it is discussed here.

Interpersonal relationships and therapy.

In the treatment of interpersonal relationships and therapy, it is discussed how to interact with someone, how to deal with frequently encountered and distressing people, and how to avoid things like stage fright and social phobia. Here, as well as how to improve personality, guidelines are also given on how to control emotions such as anger and shame.

In problem solving therapy, when a problem arises in the person's life, it teaches how to solve it without getting confused, and how to maintain the surrounding environment to create a clear mind as much as possible. These discussions are conducted in a friendly manner, and the treating physicians and psychiatrists will do their best to protect the patient's privacy and confidentiality.

Administering medication.

When depression and anxiety can't be controlled with talk therapy alone, doctors try to prescribe medication to the patient. This is twofold and one is called a class of drugs. This is mainly done to increase the level of serotonin hormone in the patient's body. This hormone reduces a person's stress and increases the presence of happy emotions in the mind. Here the feeling of depression and anxiety is minimized, and the related negative physical effects are also minimized.

In the other group of drugs, both serotonin and norepinephrine hormone levels are controlled in the body. There, as well as keeping a person's mental level stable, feelings of extreme happiness, sadness and stress are also controlled to some extent. Here too the confusion of the mind is controlled by the patient undergoing severe emotional changes at once.

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