Goraka – the super herb that preserves youth.

Sorghum has been used as a spice in many countries of the world since ancient times. In the recent past, it was discovered that it is an herb that improves the cholesterol level in the body and is an excellent herb for many other diseases.

In our country, the Goraka tree had a mysterious character. Some of the villagers believed that the trees were inhabited by devils because of the thorny branches used to make the ailaya in the thovils of the village.

Proliferation of the sorghum tree.

There are four varieties of snoring. Rat snoring, flower snoring, cow snoring, country snoring etc. Among these, veal gora and rat gora are used as spices. Male snorers do not eat. Country is used as a snoring fruit. Goraka is known as Kodukkaipuli in Tamil and its botanical name is Garcinia quaesita. It is a tree belonging to the Clusiaceae family.

It is believed that the origin of the sorghum tree started from the Indian subcontinent and from there it spread to Asian countries such as Malaysia, Burma and Thailand. This tree bears fruit twice a year. It is a shade-loving, slow-growing tree found naturally in the tropical rainforests of Sri Lanka.

Goraka trees grow up to 15 meters high. In the past, one or two gora trees were seen in the forests of many garden plots in the wet zone. Now due to the small size of the land, goraka trees have become extinct. According to the Red Data Book of the World Conservation Union, the gora tree belongs to the group of endangered plants in the world.

Sorghum cultivation

This tree is rarely cultivated as an economic crop. Agronomists say that well-drained, slightly acidic, clay loam soil is best suited for sorghum cultivation. The sorghum plant also needs well-distributed rain. These trees take 7-9 years to bear fruit, while grafted plants take 4-5 years.

Snoring that tastes food.

Sorghum has been known as a food flavoring since ancient times. Goraka was a must-have flavor when cooking curries like fish aumthiyal and kirhodi. Today we buy snoring from shops. A few decades ago, snoring in our villages was not taken for money. There were goraka trees in almost every land.

Ripe yellow and red gorak fruits are picked when they fall under the trees, dried in the sun, mixed with salt and packed in a pot. After that, the mouth-tied pot was kept in the corner of the Gamagedera stove and the snoring needed for the year was obtained. Goraka has also entered supermarkets today. Easy-to-use snoring paste products are also available today. Snoring tea has also come into use today.

A super quality herb.

According to scientific research, Goraka is a medicine that helps to reduce body weight, remove toxins and preserve youth. In Ayurveda, Goraka is called "Vrikshamla". Ayurveda states that "Vrikshamla" as a substance with a sour taste is more beneficial for the heart. Goraka is an excellent herb to prevent gastritis as well as for people who have problems due to obesity.

Research has shown that snoring has the ability to sensitize insulin-secreting cells in people with diabetes. Accordingly, snoring has the ability to increase insulin secretion. Goraka is used in the treatment of digestive diseases as well as joint diseases and uterine diseases.

Snoring is also considered as a medicine rich in antioxidant properties. Accordingly, it has anti-cancer properties. It is also able to prevent the occurrence of cancer, especially related to the alimentary tract. Goraka is also an effective remedy for piles and worms.

Sorghum juice is used to treat gum disease, intestinal disorders, ulcers and wounds, and Sorghum leaf bark and flowers are also used in the treatment of fractures. The milk and glue obtained from the bark of the gora tree are also used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is also considered as an antiseptic.

Nutritional quality.

It has been revealed that the sorghum fruit has many nutritional properties needed by the body. It contains calcium, hydroxycitric acid, vitamin C, fiber and water. A special feature of snoring is that it does not contain sugar and calories.It also contains tartaric acid, potassium and minerals.

Modern snoring products.

Back then, sorghum was used as stone-ground or dried bik, but today there are many products made from it. In foreign countries, snoring capsules, snoring tablets and liquids are produced and exported. Various manufacturing companies in our country have started exporting gorak nuts as dry and processed products.

The local village shops are selling snoring paste today. Sorghum flour and sorghum tea are also exported and can be purchased locally from supermarkets. Soft drinks made from snorts are also popular today.

Goraka Churna has been produced by local Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers for some time and released to the shops. It is a great medicine to reduce obesity. It reduces obesity caused by unnecessary muscle growth and can be used to control cholesterol and diabetes.

The most modern product of Goraka is Goraka tea. It is a medicinal drink popular in other countries. These are available in the market as tea sachets mixed with green tea or black tea. The main goal of this product is to get rid of obesity, which is a big problem today, and maintain body shape. This helps to relieve stress, control sugar levels in the body, and control cholesterol.


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