Way to get rid of stomach inflammation.

People who have suffered from stomach inflammation may know how much stomach discomfort affects your ability to concentrate in your daily activities. For this reason, we present this article to you on the occasion of World Digestive Health Day, which is celebrated on May 29th every year.

Correct diagnosis of the disease

Although 'inflammation of the stomach' is called 'gastric' in the mouth, the most common condition is indigestion called dyspepsia. Just as not eating causes inflammation of the stomach, dyspepsia is caused by eating too much or taking time to digest. Drinking astringent tea, foods with oily chilies affect this as well as taking extra meals. There, digestive acids are constantly secreted to digest the food in the stomach, and those acids move to the esophagus, causing nausea and chest inflammation. Appetite also disappears shortly after starting to eat.

Gastritis occurs when the gastric mucosa is digested due to the loss of food in the stomach, and gastric acids come into contact with the stomach wall. Then the stomach wall is damaged and injured. The symptoms of gastritis are very similar to those of dyspepsia, so it is possible to confuse the two. Then, you may continue to suffer from dyspepsia due to constant cravings for food.

However, because the symptoms are similar, if you have dyspepsia, you may also have gastritis, so it is more appropriate to seek medical advice. Then it will be possible to find out if there is a condition like GERD (Esophagitis) or IBS (Intestinal Inversion).

Number of meals and well supplied

Keep equal intervals between meals. Habits like staying hungry for a long time and eating large amounts of food during meals affect the digestive system. So, try to eat meals at equal intervals at the same time every day. If you are feeling full, eat several small meals at a time. Loosen clothes while eating.

Digestion begins in your mouth. Teeth, saliva, and tongue have the ability to break food into small pieces and hydrate it. When the food is well-bitten, the secretion of saliva is also done well and the strain on the stomach is reduced, so there is no need to secrete more acid. This is why providing food is very important to reduce dyspepsia.

Foods and beverages consumed

In general, foods with a lot of chillies, foods with a lot of oil, sour foods, bread and bakery products can cause inflammation in the stomach. Yogurt reduces inflammation in some people and increases it in others. There is a possibility of increased inflammation due to carbonated drinks and beer.

The types of foods that cause inflammation in the stomach may vary from person to person. Therefore, if a certain type of food causes you discomfort, avoid eating that food. If you keep a regular record of your food intake, you will be able to identify the types of foods that are good and bad.

Smoking, excessive alcohol use, and over-the-counter pain relievers can also cause inflammation of the stomach, so be careful about them.

Relief from stress

People with a very sensitive nervous system can experience stress and various emotions, which can cause tightness and blockages in the organs of the digestive system. Because of this, normal contractions and expansions of those organs can feel oppressive. Stress can lead to loss of appetite and not eating, others to eat more frequently to relieve stress, and to eat less healthily. Both of them cause stomach inflammation.

Regular exercise, avoiding stressful environments or people if possible, and taking up a hobby are some of the things you can do for this. If you are also affected by stress, as well as taking remedies for it, when you inform the doctor about it, he will also prescribe anti-stress medicines along with medicines for stomach inflammation.


The activity of microorganisms also affects the inflammation of the stomach (gastritis and dyspepsia). The action of Helicobacter pylori bacteria increases acid secretion and increases stomach inflammation, and if dyspepsia does not improve after treatment, doctors prescribe antibiotics to kill these bacteria. Like other antibiotics, these should be taken completely at the prescribed time and for the prescribed duration. Then you can get rid of it very easily.

Taking antibiotics at will can lead to dangerous results such as antibiotic resistance, so it is imperative to seek medical advice and follow the advice accordingly.

Do this if you have chest pain.

If you have chest tightness, inflammation, sore throat or throat discomfort, avoid lying down for 2-3 hours after eating. When reclining, recline in such a way that the end of the head is lifted at about 45 degrees. You can use several pillows for this. The pressure can also be reduced by leaning on the left side.

A good solution for this is to drink water frequently during the day and use products that reduce stomach inflammation. Baraka Gastricare, formulated with a natural blend of Blackberry, Beetroot, and Gray Banana, can quickly cure stomach ailments and inflammatory conditions.

If you have obesity, working to lose weight will also bring long-term relief.

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